How to play

Murder & Co. mixes storytelling, puzzle-solving, and code-cracking, with curated gifts that often act as clues or evidence.  Each story consists of six episodes and will be delivered to your door monthly. To solve the crime you must...

Strategize, work the investigation. Every item in the box is a clue. Sort through the codes and study every document. You are the detective!

Build a crime scene board, take notes, and study the characters. Stay organized!

Investigate, deduce, and solve each episode of the series by eliminating suspects, using codes, ciphers, and physical evidence as clues until the killer is discovered.

  • Start by keeping the welcome letters and contents cards from each box.
  • The login and passwords for each episode are very important to save as well.
  • Follow the instructions in the welcome letter closely.
  • Make a suspect profile.
  • Keep a detailed timeline
  • Do not throw anything away. If you did not use a piece of evidence to further the investigation in this box, you may need it for the next.
  • Note the motive & means.
  • Enjoy the gameplay. Take your time in reading the materials. There are many Easter eggs to discover.
  • If you need extra help, go to

Have fun! But beware... nothing is easy, and as any good detective will tell you, the red herrings are a continual cause of distraction. 

Thanks for playing with us... Murder & Co.