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Murder & Co. is a subscription box style game that mixes storytelling, puzzles, and codes, along with curated gifts that often act as clues or evidence. With an obsessive attention to detail, we present a deeply immersive and narrative-driven mystery game that requires deductive reasoning, organization, and the savvy sleuthing of a seasoned detective.

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"Murder & Co is an exhilarating adventure in crime solving that leaves you asking for more! (just don’t get in so deep you forget what your objective really is!!!)"


Detroit, Michigan


This one has been my favorite so far. The story line is very compelling and you feel like you are really involved in helping the daughter solve the mystery. It is complex enough that you have to think things thru and really do your detective work but not so hard as to become frustrating. The boxes have so much thought put into them that it is exciting waiting for the next one to show up just to see what little goodies you are going to get to go along with the story and plot. This is by far the best murder mystery on the market!!! Cannot wait for the next installment!!


Tooele, Utah


A truly well thought out and beautifully packaged mystery! I loved the items that went along with the mystery. They were the best I've received in the many murder mystery boxes I have done. You can tell a lot of love went into it! I would absolutely buy another case from them!!!


Bradenton, FL


I backed Murder & Co on Kickstarter, at the highest level (the ultimate monthly box). We just finished box 3 and we absolutely love it! I don’t want to give away too much, but we love how the gifts that come in the box are also in the story!!! Sooooo cool! Very detailed stories and ‘evidence’. We plan on subscribing to the next two stories when they become available.


Brooklyn Park, MN


"On a lot of different levels, in terms of the story telling, this might be my favorite story."


Puzzling Company


"Top Shelf Fun and Crazy Cool Swag to Boot!"


Tampa, Fl


"Holy cow. I am an avid true crime fan and this box does not disappoint. Not sure I can wait a whole month to get my next box!"


Marietta, GA


"This is a fun way to spend a couples night. My wife and I had a blast playing. We couldn't believe the detail."


Portland, OR


"They went above and beyond to make it feel like this actually happened."


Puzzling Company

Voodoo Dolls

Coming Soon to Kickstarter

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Best Gifts for Mom

The Evidence Room

There's no need to kill over the awesome gifts included in every Murder & Co Box... The Evidence room is officially open.

The Digital Game

All six episodes of "Snow Angel" delivered to your inbox as a printable PDF, including total access to our hints and tips site.
The Game

Each story consists of SIX BOXES that are delivered monthly, packed with information, clues, and evidence that you can actually touch and feel. You become the investigator, and you must follow clues, eliminate suspects, and solve the crime. We don't stop at autopsy reports and crime scene photos, the thoughtfully curated gifts included in each box are woven into the story and can be anything from the victim's bracelet to the actual murder weapon. Whether you are on the campus of an Ivy League University, in 1970's Hollywood, or swept up into the dark underbelly of Voodoo and magic, our narrative driven stories pull you deep into the world of your victim and offer an elevated and lavish crime-solving experience that you can do on your own or with friends, and will have you dying for next month's box, today.

Fallen Star

In 1970, Eleanor Gorman moved to Hollywood, to pursue her dream of becoming famous. Her raw talent and natural sex appeal catapulted her to stardom. She was living the life she had dreamed of, but what started out as a magical rise to fame, ended with her murder.

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Snow Angel

In the early hours of December 14, 2006 the body of a beautiful young student is found in the snowy cemetery, on the campus of the prestigious Ivy League University she attends. The police department quickly closes the case as a suicide, but the campus officer, who discovered the co-ed, has her doubts.

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Voodoo Dolls

Eric Geer, an undercover detective, has been found murdered. Rumors of corruption taint the investigation as detectives find themselves immersed in a world of dangerous thieves, pirate's treasure, and Voodoo magic.

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Subscription Plans

Monthly Plan

Take your time and savor each story. With this plan, you pay for and receive your boxes monthly.

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3 Month Plan

Save by paying for three months at a time. With this plan, you will still receive your boxes monthly.

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6 Month Plan

Save even more by paying for all six upfront. With this plan, you will still receive your boxes monthly.

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Full story

Don't want to wait a month? With this plan, you pay for and receive all six boxes at once.

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Our Digital Game

All six episodes of our stories delivered to your inbox, play online or print with the attached PDF. This option includes total access to our hints and tips site. 

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For an unbiased review of our inaugural story, Snow Angel, checkout this podcast by Puzzling company.

"Murder & Co. sucks you into the story the way all great narratives do. Enjoy the interactive ride." - Jared & Zach, Puzzling Company