About Us

When the MURDER MAMAS met, our children were in elementary school. We were too busy to notice and too tired to care but...soon we realized that we shared a love for paperback mysteries and true crime. After falling madly in love, just kidding (but kinda not), we decided to make a date to play a murder mystery subscription game. It became the highlight of our week; a time to laugh, solve a crime, and connect with one another When we finished, we were inspired to create our own version. With over 60 years experience in the entertainment industry  (combined, we're not quite that old), we knew how to tell a story. However, our goal was to create something unlike anything else on the market today. Murder & Co. is an exciting addition to the subscription box scene, with intelligent crime solving and the unique addition of upscale, thoughtfully curated gifts and accessories for the player that pose as clues. It's real cool.


P.S. We're pretty hysterical (at least we think so).   For a good time, check out our Kickstarter video.